The Importance of Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, risk management, and compliance are three related areas that are essential if an organisation is to protect its reputation and achieve long term success. Companies who have neglected these areas are open to the consequences that can arise including loss of corporate and personal reputations, fines and loss of revenue. Let us help you understand what needs to be done!

About our courses

This topic area contains courses which are of vital importance to all businesses. Those companies which have neglected these areas are open to the consequences that can arise including loss of corporate and personal reputations, fines and loss of revenue. All these courses are about understanding what needs to be done, from both the legal perspective and best practice, assessing potential threats and making positive plans to mitigate risks.

We offer a range of courses which have been designed specifically for directors (including non-executive directors), managers and company secretaries (or those undertaking these duties) to ensure they understand the complexities of these roles and how to discharge their responsibilities.

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