VAT and Customs Duty in the Oil and Gas Industry

Speaker:  Gwen Ryder  |  CPD Hours: 6.0

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VAT and customs duty issues in the oil and gas industry are many, varied and often very complex. This course gives comprehensive guidance on all the UK indirect tax rules in this sector.


Introduction and background to structures and trading issues

Offshore exploration and exploitation

  • The supply chain
  • VAT registration
  • Deduction of input tax incurred prior to registration
  • Place of supply
  • VAT liability of principal supplies and imports
  • Exploration and production charges
  • Pipeline transportation and maintenance
  • On shore terminals
  • Imports
  • Goods returned from the continental shelf
  • Supplies to OMS from third party contractors

Onshore exploration and exploitation

  • Liability of exploration and production billings
  • Supplies by third party contractors
  • Environmental taxes

Disposal and rearrangement of licence interests and financing agreements

  • Transfers of going concerns (TOGSs)
  • Supplies not involving a TOGC


  • Processing and other services
  • VAT accounting procedures
  • Evidence for claiming VAT
  • Home produced oil
  • Imports of finished products
  • Valuation for VAT and tax points

Imports from outside the EU for use offshore – (Ship Work End Use Relief – SWEU)

  • Eligible goods and prescribed uses
  • Record keeping and time limits
  • Decommissioning of rigs and platforms in the UKCS


It is intended for those responsible for ensuring correct compliance with indirect tax regime.

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