Trade and Export Finance

Speaker:  Stephen Jones  |  CPD Hours: 6.0

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This course will provide delegates with an Introduction to international trade and key risks, an explanation on the use of trade instruments and documentation to mitigate risk and also provide an overview of the methods of financing export trade transactions.


Identification and management of trade risk

  • Buyer, bank and country risk (financial risk of non-payment/delayed payment)
  • Control of goods (the importance of documents of title and their control)
  • Risk and cost responsibility (Incoterms® 2010)

An overview of international trade documentation, to include

  • Bills of exchange, bills of lading and other key documents

Risk ladder

  • Overview of the methods of payment and related risk implications of each

Letters of credit

  • What a letter of credit is and when it should be used
  • Overview of the different types
  • Description of the parties
  • Sight and term payment structures
  • How a letter of credit works
  • Confirmation, commitment to negotiate and silent undertaking to pay
  • Retaining control and the fundamentals of getting paid
  • Discount/negotiation finance (with and without recourse)
  • Common problems and the implications of discrepancies
  • UCP 600 and ISBP rules, customs and practice
  • The letter of credit structured template
  • The letter of credit checklist

Documentary collections (what they are and how they work)

  • Cash against documents/documents against payment “DP”
  • Documents against acceptance “DA”

Bank bonds, guarantees and standby letters of credit

  • Their description and operation
  • The risks and implications of issuing these


Anyone involved in the sales, administration and financial aspects of exporting, to include company personnel, bank officers, lawyers and accountants who wish to develop their understanding of international trade and export finance.

The delegates will receive a pack of presentation slides, trade instrument examples and sample trade documentation

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