Introduction to Financial Services and The City

Speaker:  Derek Taylor  |  CPD Hours: 6.0

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The City of London continues to maintain its position as a focal point for the world’s financial markets and is home to the UK’s Financial Services industry.

This entry level programme is designed for both new entrants into finance and those who new to the City and financial markets. We assume delegates are new and unfamiliar with the Financial Services industry.

We will attempt to de-mystify the jargon, discuss financial services providers including banking, insurance, fund management, and explain what they do, why and how the key financial markets work.

No prior knowledge is assumed.


The City of London

How the City developed – from goldsmiths to global banks

  • Geography and history of the “Square Mile”
  • Finance market essentials – who creates money?
  • Why regulation is critical – Band of England, FCA, PRA – what do they do?
  • Global financial centres – NY, Chicago, Tokyo, HK, Singapore
  • Time zones and the daily trade cycle
  • How do companies interact with the City – raising finance, investment services, market execution, risk management and trading?

The Financial Services Sector

  • Banks – central, retail, clearing, commercial, investment banks
  • The “Old Lady” – what does the Bank of England do?
  • Private banking – banking for rich people
  • Fund management – wealth vs institutional asset managers
  • Brokers and information vendors
  • Insurance – general vs life. What is “Lloyds of London”?
  • Commodities and world trade – trade finance

The Exchanges – from market places to electronic platforms

  • The London Stock Exchange (LSE) – Floating companies and trading shares
  • The London Metal Exchange – bullion and base metals
  • Energy, oil and gas –  ICE
  • Agricultural commodities – coffee, sugar


Key Areas of the Financial Markets

A brief overview of the major global markets and how they link together

  • Money Markets – short-term finance
  • Syndicated lending –  medium-term finance
  • Bonds/Fixed Income – long-term finance
  • Equity – stocks and shares
  • Foreign Exchange, commodities
  • Derivatives – risk management tools

Market Initiatives

  • Market making vs Electronic trading – understand the impact of technology
  • Why banks are changing?
    • “Challenger” banks
    • Global Transactional Banking – fee earning businesses
    • Relationship Banking – it is all about relationships and services now. Selling the right services to the right people
  • What the future holds in Financial Services?


Anyone who is new to the City of London and requires a comprehensive one-day overview of the institutions, structure and why the City exists.


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