Corporate Treasury in Practice – An Intensive One-day Overview

Speaker:  Derek Taylor  |  CPD Hours: 6.0

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This course will demonstrate how and why good treasury practices can be cost-effective and can improve corporate efficiency and it will put the Treasury department in context with the rest of the organisation. Use this programme to “health-check” your own treasury department as we will overview all of the key functional areas, discussing ways and means to increase treasury efficiency.

As treasury skills and applications become more widely recognised both inside and outside the company, it is vital to fully understand “best practice” and ensure that staff understand their own roles, responsibilities and how the corporate culture in an organisation will influence their treasury activities.

On January 3rd 2018, MiFID 11 regulations became effective. We include an overview of this important regulation.

No prior knowledge is assumed and all terminology will be fully explained.


Corporate Treasury Activities

  • A practical view of the various activities within a Treasury department
  • The need for a Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Day to day requirements
  • How Treasury interfaces with other departments

Key Treasury roles and responsibilities

  • Cash Management
  • Most important – needed to make payments when due
  • Forecasting, planning and monitoring liquid resources.
  • The Bullwhip effect
  • Cash Concentration Techniques
  • Sweeping Pooling, notional pooling, zero balancing
  • Working Capital Management

Financing -Debt and Debt Management

  • Ways and means of funding the business
  • The advantages of Bonds/Loans/Equity
  • Fixed rate vs floating rate finance
  • Debt Portfolio Management
  • Equity Portfolio Management

 Trade Finance

  • Background and overview
  • LC’s documentary credits, bills of lading
  • Factoring, Forfaiting, ECA Finance

 Investment Management

  • Investing surpluses – how do I ensure I get the best rates?
  • Using banks and other providers
  • Deposits, CP, BA’s, CD’s, T-bills
  • Credit issues

Case study – Money market instruments

Risk Management

  • Reviewing a range of different corporate cultures
  • Objectives: Profit centre vs Cost centre treasuries
  • Active vs Passive risk management
  • Credit Risk vs Market Risk vs Operational risk

Currency and Interest Rate Risk Management

  • FX exposures- identify the risks
  • The Exposure Management Process
  • Benchmarks and Hedge Ratios
  • FX checklists
  • The use of Derivatives – futures, options and swaps

Case study – FX dealing

Treasury Controls and Security

  • Treasury Security
  • Treasury Control Checklist
  • MiFID 11/MiFIR, Market Abuse, Transaction reporting, Best Execution and Product Governance

 Banking Relationships

  • Working with your banks – keep them on their toes!
  • Competitive quotations


This course is for staff who are new to Treasury, have recently taken on increased Treasury responsibilities, or indeed existing treasury professionals who need to re-fresh and up-date their skills. It will also appeal to bankers and relationship managers who need to understand how and why corporate treasuries work, in order to better understand their client’s perspectives and requirements.


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