What is Quorum Live?

Just days after the announcement of social distancing restrictions, we launched the Quorum Live programme. Just a few months ago Quorum Live didn’t exist, we now have almost 100 virtual classrooms planned, with many delegates expected until the end of September.

We are proud to offer your training in a new format never seen before, in lieu of our face to face training events that Quorum has gained a solid reputation for. During this challenging and unknown time, we understand that you, as business and finance professionals, need to remain up to date with the latest government announcements, topical issues and changes in legislation.

With geographical boundaries no longer applying, our virtual training programme allows you to attend any course.  Powered by the online conferencing tool, Zoom, we can bring you the latest finance, compliance and regulatory updates in a safe and collaborative environment.

Our Quorum Live programme includes a range of courses that run from now, right through until the end of the year.

What does the future of Quorum Live look like?

The future is unclear, but we know the demand for online training will always be there, therefore change is guaranteed.

Responding to the forced changes and following the positive feedback we have received about Quorum Live so far, we are pleased to announce that we will be adding the virtual classroom format to our 2021 training programme. Complementing our usual face to face and recorded webinars, the addition to Quorum Live allows for an enhanced experience and greater flexibility.

“The course was very insightful, and Gwen was an excellent speaker…. The whole setup was great and cannot fault it. Many thanks to Quorum and Gwen for making the course happen; it’s greatly appreciated.”

Kelly Southby – Arnold Hill & Co Chartered Accountants

Want to know how we can help you?

To discuss your business’ training requirements, or how else we can support you during this time, please contact our team on 0844 873 2121 or email us at enquiries@quorumtraining.com.

We have also created a dedicated webpage Quorum Live where you will find several free resources. Updated regularly, it also includes more information of relevant services to help you during this period.