The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated one of the most disruptive periods of change throughout leadership and business. Whilst the pandemic has created many challenges, it has also provided many opportunities, and this new sense of normality has required effective and agile leadership. We share some key guidelines on how to develop your leadership skills to serve today, shape the future and help your teams thrive in the long term.

Over-communication is a rare compliant

Over the last few months, the importance of communication has been spoken about at length across many blog posts, podcasts and videos. It has been included for good reason! Change is often unsettling, and you may have found that being open and honest about the highs and lows you have experienced has helped to build trust within your teams. The force into remote and flexible working may also have established new internal communication strategies including company updates, daily team catch ups and the introduction of new collaboration software. Remain connected by considering how you maintain this rhythm and level of communication moving forward.

Empower your team through autonomy and collaboration

During unchartered times (where we are often unsure of next steps or the outcome), it may feel scary to let go of control and delegate tasks. Allowing autonomy to your team not only builds confidence and trust but also future-proofs teams – developing skills such as agility and the ability to work under pressure. A great leader brings people together to plan and execute change – understanding that there may be a better person than themselves to lead on a project. Including employees in this way increases engagement to change, as well as providing you as a leader with some alleviation from the understandable levels of pressure you have and will continue to face.

Share success and contributions

Don’t undervalue the importance of taking a step back and celebrating all that has been achieved over the last few months. Let your team know how much you value their positive contributions, as well as acknowledging how their hard work has contributed to the overall business resilience and approach. Take some time out of the day-to-day to share your stories – this may be on your intranet, on your website, or at a team meeting. Praising your team on what you have all collectively achieved, as well as acknowledging that key projects and updates have been turned around quickly, will give you the motivation for future planning and challenges.

Do you require further support?

Our virtual classrooms – Quorum Live – continue over the next few months, where you can access the latest courses online, all delivered in a safe environment. We are delivering a range of Leadership and Management courses virtually over June and July, allowing you to develop on skills such as communication, influencing and rapport building and prospecting for clients. Find out more and book on by visiting our website here.