Five Top Tips: Remaining productive and motivated whilst working from home

Working from home can seem a daunting task, especially if it is something you have never done before. Whilst working from home requires flexibility and a new approach to work, when done right it can increase productivity, efficiency and wellbeing. We’ve pulled together five simple tips on how to shine and remain productive whilst working remotely.

Over communicate

Communication is a key part of any role when not only working with your team, but also other colleagues. Whilst you don’t have the luxury of sitting with your colleagues, or being able to talk face to face, this doesn’t mean team morale and communication have to suffer. Avoid overusing email to communicate and instead call or video chat with your teammates. You can also make use of popular apps such as Microsoft Teams, which allow you to check in and talk, as well as keeping communication about workflow, projects and progress open. That interaction is key to keeping you motivated and helping you remember you are still part of a team.

Establish a routine

Working from home doesn’t mean watching television all day, but neither should it mean remaining ‘on’ at all times. One of the most challenging aspects for people is feeling as though they should always be accessible when working from home, including working through lunch breaks, or over their normal hours. Having clear boundaries set for when to work and when to relax will not only help productivity but will also maintain a healthy work-life balance, especially when your office and your home merge into one.

Keep development and learning at the forefront

With an increasing range of blogs, podcasts and webinars available online, learning and development can remain a priority whilst working remotely. Take advantage of the flexibility these online learning resources bring and schedule in some time for your professional development.

Create a dedicated workspace

When working from home, it may seem easy to log on and relax on the sofa, but this is known to have a huge negative impact on productivity. Sitting at a desk or a table will not only help with posture, but it will help avoid distractions and decrease fatigue throughout the day. Simply taking this single step will make a world of difference to anyone who is working from home.

Make technology work for you

When it comes to the world of finance, technology has already disrupted the way the industry works, with cloud accounting apps and software allowing finance professionals to be more flexible than ever in their day to day. Build on this and consider what technology tools and changes you need to support your productivity when working from home. For some this may mean investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so they can get in the zone, or for others it may mean a second screen. Find out what makes you most efficient and make technology work for you.

Whilst the new few weeks and the changes to ways of working may present some challenges, when done right, home working can be productive and enjoyable. With many organisations around the world actively encouraging their people to be more flexible and seeing the benefits this brings, you may even find it inspires new ways of working within your organisation.

Have any tips for working from home, or have your team been doing this for some while? We would love to hear your experience on